Intimate Recovery is Michael Dadourian's first book and chronicles his personal life in sobriety and early recovery.

It is an intimate read for those willing to get sober and stay sober.

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Coming Fall 2016

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About The Book

Intimate Recovery is a book written from the perspective and experience from where I stand.
I am Michael Dadourian and I am far from anonymous.

I wrote Intimate Recovery from my heart. The epidemic of addiction, the disease of addiction is affecting so many people in the world, from all walks of life. It not only affects the substance abuser but the family of the abuser.

I wrote this book, not about living within the constructs of the problem. I wrote Intimate Recovery as a solution to that past problem. I agree with what most doctors are now calling a disease. Addiction is not a problem of morals but a mental illness that manifests its symptoms differently for each person.

Living in the solution and not the problem has been the most rewarding within this journey. My story, my love for life, is what my Intimate Recovery is all about. If I can help one person with this project, if I can help save one person, it is worth it. To give back is to receive.

I hope you can get something from my Intimate Recovery, inspired, I hope.

Michael Dadourian,
Author of Intimate Recovery

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Intimate Recovery Short Film

The Shaffee Show Podcast

The Shaffee Show welcomes author (and podcast sponsor) Michael Dadourian to the beautiful new Shaffee Show Studio to talk about his book, Intimate Recovery, and his upcoming short film of the same name.

About the Author

Michael Dadourian

Author of Intimate Recovery

Detroit, Michigan is the birthplace of many creative, innovative and entrepreneurial spirited people; so it comes as no surprise that Michael Dadourian was born in Detroit. It was on November 5, 1980 that Michael probably invented his first unique sound and movement, had his first innovative thoughts and creative dreams… and it was probably then that Michael chose to take control of his own fate. He has not stopped creating, inventing or directing his life ever since that first day.

Prior to studying exercise science and pursuing a career in fitness, Michael Dadourian attended Eastern Michigan University where he studied and minored in communications, language arts and theater arts and subsequently earned a BA in Language, Literature and Writing – writing another of his life’s passions, decided to write about his experience in early recovery, from years of substance abuse.

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